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Kingdom Crown Oil

POWER Edge Stimulator

POWER Edge Stimulator

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POWER Edge Stimulator painlessly glides over your skin creating micro punctures that awaken the follicles and signal your scalp to produce collagen while enhancing absorption and penetration of products applied after treatment.  Our scalp boosting roller is clinically proven to treat hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. Ideal to use on thinning and bald areas. 

Directions: Using gentle pressure, roll the edge stimulator back and forth 3 to 4 times horizontally, vertically and diagonally on problem areas.  Temporary redness may occur. Slight tingling/stinging sensation may be felt. Use once per week. If using with POWER Oil: Using dropper, apply 2-3 drops of POWER Oil then massage, using clean hands, for 2 minutes.

Cleaning Instructions: After each use, rinse your edge stimulator with warm water. Then soak in isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes. Rinse then let air dry. Once thoroughly dry, place back in container. 


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